The Hidden Life Of Jesus

Today’s daily email from the Catechism really got me thinking about my life as a Protestant vs my life as a Catholic.  The differences in the approach to spirituality really struck me:

104. What does the hidden life of Jesus in Nazareth teach us?

In the course of his hidden life in Nazareth Jesus stayed in the silence of an ordinary existence. This allows us to enter into fellowship with him in the holiness to be found in a daily life marked by prayer, simplicity, work and family love. His obedience to Mary to Joseph, his foster father, is an image of his filial obedience to the Father. Mary and Joseph accepted with faith the mystery of Jesus even though they did not always understand it.

Further reading: CCC 533-534, 564

As a Protestant, the purpose of knowing God is always about being on mission.  God blesses us to bless others.  God saves me so I can proclaim Him to others…thus bringing salvation to them as well.   While this is true in the Catholic’s life as well – we are called to proclaim the gospel with our lives and our words and deeds – there is also a deeper spirituality of being “hidden” in prayer.

This is incredibly freeing.  When there are seasons of my life where I just can’t seem to muster the strength to go on mission – I take great consolation in knowing that part of the mission is to simply be.   To be hidden with Christ, to enter into his hidden life in prayer, this is our first love.  Why do we get so busy with the work of the Lord, that we forget to spend time with the Lord of the work?

The hidden life.  Christ spent 30 years in that hidden life.  Working, living, being with family and community.   I return this season of Lent to the hidden way of prayer.  Mission will come.  The work will always be there.  But it is for whom we work – that is what we must remember.


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