Camino del Norte

I know, I know…I STILL have to finish the last two days of our Camino journey….and I will. Somehow life got away from us as we finished our trip. But we do have the photos available for Day 51 and Day 52 if you want a sneak peak.

Somehow as we managed to reenter life – finishing our final blog thoughts got farther and farther behind and got placed onto the “things I still need to finish” list. Until today.

Today I watched this short video about the Camino de Santiago – Camino del Norte. This is the northern route along Spain and I think – might be our next Camino adventure! My inspiration has been reignited and I wanted to share.

Additionally is a longer 14 minute video – showing a little more of this beautiful journey along the coast of Spain.

Until now, Lisa and I were wondering if we would walk this pilgrimage again. In the last week especially, I have been really missing the quiet, beautiful rhythm of walking. And one of our parish priests is planning his own Camino this summer…which has stirred up again all my desires to return to this Way of St James.

I hope next week to finish those last 2 days of the pilgrimage and share what God did in our lives – and then perhaps I can continue sharing some of what Jesus is doing in us and through our lives here in Florida.

Following Jesus is the greatest adventure of all! Keep walking, keep carrying the cross, keep following the Way!

-Buen Camino!

One response to “The Camino Lives On”

  1. megolf2913 Avatar

    Thank you for sharing the videos! So beautiful! Nature is such an awesome way to encounter our Lord! Thank you for including others on your journey. May God continue to bless you and Lisa.

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