Today’s pictures can be viewed here. Today’s prayer intentionsJairo Rosario’s mother; back surgery healing

We left Rabé de Las Calzadas after a wonderful stay at a local hostel run by a husband and wife. They fed us so well for dinner and breakfast and the accommodations were just wonderful!  They exemplify the hospitality of privately run albergues along the Camino!  We walked down to the local Hermitage and sat outside on the bench for morning prayer watching the sunrise. 

Today we were treated to wonderful vistas along the meseta with some high points and many many flat areas of walking.  Our first stretch was about 5 miles and then a short break at the next town.

Many people skip this area of the Camino because it is so lengthy with no breaks of having towns in between to break up the monotony.  However we found it to be a wonderful time for prayer and solitude.  

As we arrived in Hontanas, the first encounter was with the Hermitage of Saint Bridget of sweden.  A small little Hermitage in honor of this saint who traveled the Camino over the course of 3 years. Her story is very inspiring!

We had a nice stay at Albergue Santa Brígida and experienced a communal dinner with the other Pilgrims. Dinner included a huge pan of paella!  We visited with a man and a woman from France.  Sylvie was a tour guide in Connecticut for many years and spoke French, English, and Spanish. So she was our translator for the evening!! 

Tonight was a good reminder of the community of the camino. No matter what country we come from or even if we can’t fully speak each other’s language, we share in common our humanity and our common journey towards Santiago. Sharing a meal, a glass of wine, and some smiles and laughter remind us that we are all on the same path in life…. trying to find our way.

Buen Camino 🙏❤️

Today’s pictures can be viewed here. Today’s prayer intentionsJairo Rosario’s mother; back surgery healing

4 responses to “Camino 2022 – Day 24 – to Hontanas”

  1. megolf2913 Avatar

    What a beautiful day you had to celebrate the Camino. The paella looks amazing!

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  2. Richard Ferris Avatar

    It was amazing ☺️ the man leaning over talking to Lisa and the woman Sylvie was the chef and host of the albergue. Wonderful man who really loves what he does!!

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    1. megolf2913 Avatar

      Hope you gathering recipes along the way!

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  3. Clarissa Santini Avatar
    Clarissa Santini

    This has gone too fast for me. Day 24 already! Almost half way. Do not dismay, always thinking of you guys. Buen camino today.


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