Today’s pictures can be found here.

We are trying to take Sunday as a rest day to make sure we get a chance to go to mass and recover a little from 6 days of walking.

When we finished in San Juan de Ortega we took a taxi into Burgos so we could spend Saturday night and then all day Sunday in the city.

The first church we found Sunday morning was San Cosme and San Damián. We had thought we would just visit and see the inside but arrived just as mass was about to begin. We decided to stay for Mass and we’re really happy as this is a vibrant parish with many young children who were actually incorporated into the mass that day. The readings were all done by children from the faith formation program that morning. The music was lovely and beautifully done with guitars and violins. I captured a little of the music before mass began. After Mass we were able to visit the rest of the church and take some pictures which are in the album.

After morning Mass we decided to walk over to the cathedral and see what we could find there.

We were able to go up into the Arco de Santa Maria, the arch entrance to the cathedral. It turns out the cathedral itself was closed for the weekend as they were preparing for a big concert event happening on Sunday. Thankfully we toured the inside of the cathedral in 2016 and spent an entire day there. If you want to see some of those pictures you can click here for our 2016 album.

We did go back in the evening for the pilgrims Mass. So we were able to go into a side chapel and to our surprise, Mass was celebrated by the archbishop of Burgos.

This was a beautiful chapel dedicated to St Tecla (Thecla of Iconium), a first century martyr who is mentioned in early history as a follower of Saint Paul.

I was amazed at how many images of angels were present around this chapel. It brought to mind how we should be more mindful of the presence of angels especially at every Mass celebrated.

After Mass we took a few more pictures of the cathedral lit up at night. Just beautiful! Dinner was some comfort food at Mama Taco and then for me, a pastry shop on the way home!

Monday morning the plan is to take a taxi back to San Juan de Ortega and walk the 16 mi back into Burgos to officially arrive as pilgrims by foot.

Buen Camino 🙏❤️

Today’s pictures can be found here.

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  1. megolf2913 Avatar

    So much beauty! Thank you for sharing your amazing journey. Buen Camino!

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