I awoke today to celebrate the 6 year anniversary of my wife and daughters entering into full communion with the Catholic church! What a wonderful day that was, and a wonderful 6 years it has been!

My oldest daughter was confirmed in the church just a couple of months before this – and so we once again were united on the same “Camino” – the same way of faith in the Catholic church.

Today I also am looking forward to two weeks until Lisa and I leave once again for the Camino de Santiago. Just two weeks after she was confirmed in the church, Lisa and I had our 1st weekend of formation for the permanent diaconate and then left just a couple of days after that for the Camino.

That was such an amazing experience of spiritual formation which was then followed by 6 years of formation to be ordained a Deacon in the church.

Now, we return once again – just two short weeks from now – to walk the entire 500 miles from St Jean Pied De Port to Santiago de Compostela.

The first time was cut short because of work and not having enough time. The first time was a walk of penance and to prepare us for the 6 years of formation to come.

This time, we walk in gratitude. We walk to draw closer to the Holy Spirit, to walk daily with Jesus, and entrust ourselves more fully to the will of the Father. Who knows what God is preparing us for next in our “Camino” of life? But we know our destination – to become saints and find our home in Heaven in God’s glorious Kingdom!

Just a few memories from 2016 – as we now prepare our hearts and our souls to welcome the work of the Spirit as we follow on “The Way of St James”…..Buen Camino!

(Photos from 2016)

2 responses to “Preparing for the Camino – 2 Weeks To Go”

  1. pinayhakawati Avatar

    Wow you’re doing it again! Happy anniversary to you and your wife! I’ll be looking forward to your upcoming journey!


    1. Richard Ferris Avatar

      Thank you! Yes we are so blessed to have another chance to walk this and go deeper in our faith and love of God!!

      Liked by 1 person

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